How to avoid boring dates

Fishing around for conversation, exchanging awkward smiles across the table and playing with your food as you’re forced to listen to a lengthy spiel about something you have no interest in. Sound familiar? We’ve all been on at least one excruciating date – it’s an experience no one would choose to repeat.

avoid boring dates

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Here are a few ways to avoid boring dates for good, or at least escape if things are headed in that direction.

Defining ‘fun’

Depending on the type of lifestyle you live, ‘fun’ can mean a very different thing. Understanding what you class as fun is the first step to avoiding boring dates. If you’re a party girl who likes a glass of wine, don’t date a single father of one with a stressful job. Try to date someone who’s bound to live up to your expectations and lives a similar lifestyle to you – taking things like responsibilities, age and working hours into account.


All too often, people meet people they date at random – in bars, in clubs, on the way to work. Although it’s great to have a chance encounter which turns into something exciting, this kind of meeting means you may have very little in common. Boring dates are often the result of when two people are thrown together who have nothing in common and have placed matter far above mind.

To avoid this once and for all, change where you you’re your dates. Instead of bars, try the gym or a book club. Even better, try online dating – you can be matched specifically on compatibility. Some sites even let you try for free – the eHarmony free trial for example.

Avoid Boring Dates

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Quirky date locations

Sometimes the problem with a boring date is the lack of imagination. Choose the setting for your date wisely – pick interesting, exciting places – exhibitions you’ve always wanted to see, or up-and-coming artists performing. This way, even if the person you’re with isn’t the best fit, at least it won’t be a complete waste of time.

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Take risks

Try out dates that take you by surprise – blind dates for example, perhaps with someone you met on online dating. Alternatively, plan your own surprises – a gift or a mystery venue. Keeping an air of mystery means the anticipation and excitement will inevitably be greater.

Get out of jail free

If all of this fails, make sure you have a way to get out of a really boring date. You don’t have to sit there and be polite. Organise something directly afterwards so you have an excuse to leave and something else to look forward to. If the date goes well, you can take them along to that too.

Dating shouldn’t be excruciating. If you follow the above advice, you should never have to sit through a boring date again!

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