Outdoor activities

Outdoor Activities for a Sunny Day

It is great to get outdoors on a sunny day and take part in fun activities with your friends. There are lots of things you can do when the weather is fine. Here is a selection of different activities for friends to try:

Roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball

One of the activities fast gaining in popularity is sphereing, or zorbing as it is also known. It involves being strapped into a large inflatable ball and whizzing down a hill.

It can be done on your own or with friends. Pairing up with a friend for dual sphereing can be a great laugh.

Meet amazing animals

Visiting zoos and safari parks with friends can provide for an interesting visit done at a relaxed place. Feed the penguins and big cats or learn to handle owls, experience falconry and ride horses with mates.

Take lessons in different sports

Learning can be fun, especially if it is outdoors and done with friends.

Golf could be one of the sports to try. Professional golf coaches across the country can offer group rates for coaching.

Other outdoor sports to try include archery, climbing and clay-pigeon shooting.

Get wet and wild with water sports

Taking a dip in cool water could be a good idea on a hot day. Try different water sports with friends. Some of the water sports choices are white-water tubing, water balling, jet skiing, cliff jumping, white-water rafting and wakeboarding. Heading for the coast to try surfing, or to the river to go water skiing are other good options.

water ball

Plaster each other with paint

Paintballing might test your friendships when hammering each other with paint pellets. It is a good day out, though, and people get to see the competitive side of others when they plan strategy and targets.

Head to the pub later to hear the winners brag about their success.

Get extreme with friends

Try skydiving with friends for a memorable experience. Expert instructors provide advice prior to diving as well as strap divers to themselves before taking the plunge.

The UK offers a multitude of adventure days such as rock climbing, bungee jumping or going on a survival day that could be tried with friends.

Skydiving, paintballing, sport or sphereing could provide for fun times in the sun with friends. Use this guide to plan ways of making the most of your days out in the sun.

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