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Volunteering is Good for your Soul

We all know that a little relaxation makes us calmer and more pleasant to be around. Most of us have also heard of a little thing called Karma – do good things for others and good things will happen to you. Being considerate and friendly towards other people comes completely naturally to some people and they are able to feel good about themselves everyday as they spread happiness everywhere they go. For some of us though, feelings of guilt, lack of purpose and the lack of opportunity to show people we care can leave us feeling empty inside. Volunteering is a great way to start to feel like you are doing something good for others, spreading happiness and making the most of your good health and good fortune.

The Reasons Other People Volunteer

Volunteering experiences take all shapes and forms. Some people like to volunteer within their local community, as sometimes this will have a direct benefit on the place in which you live. For example, helping to remove graffiti from the streets will help your neighbourhood look tidier, or helping to paint the local playground will offer your children a happier place to play. Other people like to volunteer with organisations that are close to their own and their family’s personal experiences, for example someone affected by cancer might choose to become a fundraiser for a cancer support service. Others volunteer because they would like to gain new skills and experiences. One of the most exciting types of volunteer experiences is offering to help in a foreign country. A lot of people volunteer in Africa because it allows them the opportunity to see fantastic lifestyle and experience a completely different culture.  Companies like Projects Abroad were set up especially for people in the UK to be able to easily find safe and effective volunteering programmes in Africa, Asia and South America.

Different Types of Volunteering Experiences

Volunteering experiences usually exist because organisations don’t have and can’t afford to hire the skills and manpower needed to provide the services that their communities desperately need. Some volunteering experiences can be physically demanding, such as rubbish clearance, working with animals, gardening and sports coaching. Some volunteering experiences require special skills such as education or medical qualifications to provide a very specific service. There is however an abundance of everyday activities that anyone can volunteer for.

Simple reception duties, cleaning, keeping records and simply holding a conversation with someone to help them learn English are all examples of volunteering that anyone can do and will find satisfaction from when they realise just how much their help means to the people that really need it.

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