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Marbella- A Destination Offering Something For Everybody

Marbella is a well established Spanish city based in the southern Andalusian province of Malaga. An unknown fact about this little city is it’s rich history and heritage, it’s extensive flora and fauna and most importantly it’s unique micro climate. Attracting the rich and famous from all over the world since the 70’s this city must be doing something right.


Sometimes called ‘Costa del Crime’, Marbella’s image is frequently misconstrued, due to it’s loose associations with corruption and criminal activity in the past. However, it should not be forgotten that this city offers many other things to it’s visitors and it continues to be a massive tourist destination for thousands of people every year.

Rich with various cultures, Marbella’s heritage and infrastructure has been influenced by the Romans, Muslims, Catholics and various other settlers. The muslims most notably constructed a citadel surrounded by orchards; its most famous crops were figs, jasmine flowers and mulberry trees, which still remain a popular plant in the city. The Romans also left their stamp in the city- you can visit the bath ruins and several of their villas are scattered around the city.

Marbella’s 27 km coast is made up by over thirty beaches, those beaches alone attract many of Europe’s tourists however, Marbella offers many other beautiful options if you are not a fan of the Mediterranean sea.    La Concha, is the city’s highest peak measuring 1,215 m above sea level and the region is composed of many rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Furthermore, Marbella enjoys a microclimate with an average annual temperature of 18°C and experiences an average of 2900 hours of sunshine annually. The mixture of the varying landscapes combined with great weather conditions makes Marbella a dynamic destination, perfect for outdoor activities.


Along with the thousands of tourists, Marbella is a playground for the rich and famous. It is a major destination for luxury cruise ships and mega yachts which dock in the infamous Puerto Banus (a marina where Rolls Royces and Ferraris meet yachts). The area is popular with golfers and boaters, and there are many private estates and luxury hotels in the vicinity, making Marbella an ideal holiday destination for sports people and the world’s wealthy.

Notable residents and holiday makers or Marbella include: Anotnio Banderas, Sean Connery, Zinedine Zidane, Michelle Obama, Joan Collins, Dolph Lundgren and many Spanish footballers.

Whether you are a thrill seeker wanting to explore the mountains of the region or up for a glamorous holiday attending it’s infamous champagne spray parties, it is certain that Marbella has something in store  for you.

For more information on this beautiful city click here

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