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Quick Tips to Save Money on Your Car

Between the insurance, the fuel and the servicing, a car takes a big chunk of our budget. Still, we need one to travel (usually to work and for shopping), especially those who live away from city centres. However, it is possible to save a bit of money by following a few easy tips.

The first one might be obvious but rarely applied: don’t use your car until it’s necessary! For example, do you really need to drive to the shops for a couple of bags worth of items? Or could you take the bus to meet your friends?

Be proactive

For the times when there’s no other choice but driving, think about your speed and your reactions. Driving at an even speed instead of constantly slowing and accelerating uses less fuel and extends the life of your engine. By anticipating the traffic and the other drivers reactions, you’ll be able to drive regularly.

Many things in your car contribute to a bigger fuel consumption than needed. For example, if your windows are clean, they’ll be less likely to get misted. Deflated tyres are also a source of important fuel waste, so keep an eye on the pressure, especially before long journeys.

Look after you car regularly to keep it going for longer without costing you more. If you can, get a bike, this will save you money and get you fit!

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