Eight tips for a great first date


First dates can be nervy experiences, especially in the days and moments leading up to them. They don’t have to be though, as a little preparation goes a long way. Considering a few points before the date can make things run a lot smoother, both for the individual and on the date itself. In this article there are eight tips for a great first date, including being yourself, choosing a venue with a relaxed atmosphere, and dressing in stylish but comfortable clothing.

We’ve all been there! Nervy, excited and full of anticipation – especially if it’s a first face to face meeting after finding each other  through a dating site like eHarmony. But what should you do to give yourself the best chance of having a great first date? In this article there are eight tips to help things go smoothly, both for you and the date overall. Suggestions include being yourself, carefully picking a location and talking about the other person.

Eight tips for a great first date


Make an effort

You may be one for lazy nights in and cosy clothes, but it’s a first date so make an effort! You don’t know whether this could lead to a lifetime of love or just one date, but prepare like you want it to go the whole way.

Dress stylishly but comfortably

Now is not the time to try out that daring new dress – the one you don’t really think fits. Go for something you’re comfortable in but which suits your style. Check your outfit before and make sure it’s clean, ironed and fits!

Go for a relaxed atmosphere

You can save the intimate dinner for two at home until date three! Head for a bar or restaurant with a chilled out atmosphere and you’ll feel more relaxed yourself.

First impressions count, but let things settle

It’ll be easy to form a first impression, negative or positive, but don’t let that dictate the date. Let things flow and try not to stick to your initial impression, either way you might be surprised.

Be yourself

This is the most important part for you. Being yourself means don’t try to put across something that you think your date wants to see. If they like you, they need to like the real you, so speak honestly and be true to your character.

Talk about them

This is an important tip as you can find things out about them and always have something to talk about. On top of this it’ll show you’re interested in them and not just yourself. Make a list of questions before you go so you’ll have topics to fall back on.

If you met your date on an online dating site that asks users to take a personality test, you’ll know you have interests in common to chat about. This will make the first date a lot easier, as this means you both will be on the same level.

Eight tips for a great first date

Leave the phone in your pocket

Unless you’re going to use it for the old ‘emergency’ get-out trick. Seriously though, nothing is ruder, so leave it in your pocket and leave it on silent.

End the date the way you want to

If you feel things have gone well and you want a second date make sure they know it. Don’t be too full on, but just show you are enthusiastic – what have you got to lose? Don’t rush things though, if things have gone well you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other more intimately.

Eight tips for a great first date

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