7 life-changing things to do in 2013

Teach in Ghana

 Ghanaian children grow up learning tribal languages from their local area, however English remains the country’s only uniting language. It’s very important for children to learn English to improve their educational and work-related prospects and volunteer teachers are much needed.

Many Ghanaian schools are under-resourced and under-staffed and volunteer teachers provide vital support. By volunteering as a teacher you can also gain teaching experience without doing a TEFL course, whilst making a positive contribution to a local community.

Provide care in India

 Immerse yourself in a land of beauty by volunteering in India through Projects Abroad UK. Orphanages and care centres in India are always in need of support, with local children needing help in all areas of their life. You could help them get ready for school, provide support on arts and crafts projects or just provide friendship, care and attention to those in need.


During your time off you’ll be able to explore a country with 5000 years of fascinating heritage, and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells that India has to offer.

Work in medicine in Nepal

 Nepal is a truly breathtaking country with many opportunities for volunteers. By undertaking a medical volunteering placement in Kathmandu, you’ll be able to provide medicine and support to those who are badly in need. In Nepal the National Health Service provides for only 15% of the population.

You may be working with doctors or work directly with patients under supervision. Whatever you do, you’ll be making a huge difference.

Give legal advice in South Africa

 South Africa is an amazing country to visit, however it carries a brutal history of apartheid and colonialism. Law and human rights volunteers work on projects which are really worthwhile, gaining knowledge of the legal system and learning about community involvement.

By providing good quality legal advice to poor and vulnerable people, you’ll be helping to promote justice and supporting ordinary citizens to understand their rights.

Provide animal care in Fiji

 The stunning island of Fiji has plenty of opportunities for travellers who want to help others. You’ll be able to work and live alongside locals and gain a real experience of this beautiful country on the trip of a lifetime.

If you love animals, why not volunteer at one of Fiji’s societies for animal care? Volunteers can provide an extra pair of hands, getting involved with vaccinations, operations and inspections, gaining experience and knowledge from local veterinary doctors. All aspects of animal care will be covered and short trips can be organised for those who can’t volunteer for an extensive period of time.

 Be a journalist in Ethiopia

 Ethiopia is a fascinating place to visit, as well as being a place where you can make a huge difference. Unpredictable rains mean that lack of food across the country has caused famine in the past and the country is constantly in need of a massive amount of support.



As a volunteer journalist on weekly publication The Reporter, you’ll have the opportunity to write and publish articles, source stories and provide language support for other members of staff. Your help will allow others to advance their own language skills and allow a greater level of communication across the readership.

Provide IT support in Sri Lanka

 Throughout the world children are fascinated by computers and Sri Lanka is no exception. However, many people in Sri Lanka have never used a computer before and teachers are in demand to help children develop computer literacy as they grow up.

In order to further their education and develop job prospects, many citizens of Sri Lanka are keen to learn computer skills and volunteer teachers can help. By following a set curriculum you can help teach groups of local adults and children how to use basic computer programs and help provide them with vital skills for life.

Resource box

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Travel information on Africa

The World Factbook – Sri Lanka

Information from the CIA about Sri Lanka

Wikitravel – Fiji

Travel guide for the island of Fiji


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